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Volta Home & School

'Volta Home & School is an orphanage and school located in Ve-deme, a small village in the Volta Region of Ghana.

  • The orphanage has grown out to become a home to over sixty children. The home enables these children and other underprivileged children in this community and beyond to receive good care and education, in order to change their future perspectives.
  • The school provides primary and secondary education, from Nursery till Junior High School, to almost 200 children in Ve-Deme and surroundings.

The home

The home was founded in 1986 by Mr. & Mrs. Isa and Aunty Mercy. There was a seven year old girl living in the village, that caught their attention. She was living together with her grandfather in a small hut out in the bushes. This girl was very motivated to go to school, everyday she would leave home, cross the river and attend her classes. When the river would overflow, she couldn't go home and had to sleep outside on her own.

The founders of the home decided they wanted to help children like her and decided to open the Children's Home.

The school

Quickly the number of children in the home started increasing. Therefore it started to become difficult for them to enroll them in school. In 1996 the school was founded. Nowadays, the school provides education to all the kids living in the home and other needy children. Sadly, they unable to cover all needed expenses, which makes it hard for them to provide quality education.

We want to help this school with the needed supplies and manpower,  for them to be able to provide proper primary and secondary education to their 200 students!

Meet Keziah

Keziah is a ten year old girl that lives, together with her father and little sister, in the ‘Volta Home’. Her father Emmanuel is the son of the founder of this Children’s home and the current head of the community.


Keziah’s biggest dream is to become a doctor when she grows up. When children in the house are sick she is always the one taking care of them. She wants to be a doctor, because then she can help people get better.

'I want to be a doctor!'

Help mee!

Helpen kan op verschillende manieren!

  • Het overmaken van een donatie voor dit project op rekeningnummer NL62 ABNA 0516 7419 18 (onder vermelding van Volta Home & School).
  • Je aanmelden als sponsor om een van de kinderen te ondersteunen.
  • Helpen met lesgeven of renovatiewerkzaamheden op de school als vrijwilliger.